RANZLTD the Residential division, launched in 2010, provides comprehensive advice in the housing sector. We develop strategies that combine an extensive knowledge of the market and the highest local experience.

Loans independent advice that allows us to create opportunities and solve problems in three main areas:

• Sale of foreclosed assets of banking: Support for Financial Institutions. We provide a global service in order to reduce the stock of existing buildings.

• Land and buildings: Consulting and advice on soils in different stages of development. Revaluation and marketing according to degrees of liquidity in the market. Sale of buildings, both occupied and vacant, in good condition or rehabilitate.

• Properties Unique: exclusive spaces with their own character, impeccable image, available to the choicest demand, which requires exquisite, discretion, professionalism and excellent knowledge of the current market

RANZLTD accompanies him on his decision, either to advise you on your investment or to find the best alternative to your needs, guaranteeing the best result.

With the guarantee of RANZLTD

Unique properties. An exquisite selection of homes and properties for its unique location, its construction and architectural qualities, their spreads each attribute whose enjoyment becomes a whole sensory and emotional experience. Exclusive areas which represent an investment with high added value.

· In "RANZLTD", our main product Unique Properties, we collect the most exclusive of the city, mainly in Madrid and Barcelona. The best residential areas, the districts with more distinction of the major capitals.

· In "Exclusive Sea & Mountain" We selected the most exclusive product near the sea, or locations within highly differential attributes, either by their natural setting, its environment and its leisure and services to enjoy their time off and disconnection.

· Finally, in "RANZLTD" Palaces we are classic airs and preserves coexist with farms, wineries and iconic for its history and architecture that retain all their original essence properties.

In RANZLTD, all equipment Unique Properties we pour our experience and passion to help you make one of the most emotional decisions of our lives: the acquisition of a single dwelling.

Our methodology is characterized by the integration of our services (agency, investment, corporate finance, strategic consulting, evaluation and assessment, urban planning, architecture, administration and management of assets) in each of the markets in which we operate (offices, logistics and industry, shopping centers, shops, hotels, residential), which allows us to offer the best service with the most experience. Our team consists of more than 200 professionals from different disciplines spread across our offices in Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Malaga, Lisboa,London, Berlin and Mexico City Over 5 years of experience have been involved in real estate transactions and more important advised more than 1000 clients. We are confident of major national and international companies and our challenge is to continue growing with our customers.